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Photos by Cesare Riccardi

My name is Cesare Riccardi and I have loved photography for over 40 years. At 17 I had my first camera, an old CONDORETTA with which I learned the basics of photography ...

Cesare Riccardi fotografoSo if you did not know the relationships between the fundamental parameters that regulate a camera you could not take photos. Today everything is relatively simpler. The automatisms have made photography within everyone's reach, but the big difference still makes the photographer's eye and imagination. In recent years I have started together with my wife Dolores, photographer and model at the same time, to make photo shoots to people who want to immortalize their age, every woman / man is seen with his own eyes, which however often give a deviated image of the reality, both positive and negative.

Dolores Bernini FotografaMany women after a shooting with us saw themselves with different eyes and this gave them greater security by increasing their self-esteem. This is a great satisfaction for us and this is the path we are taking. All this is called " Therapeutic photography

We currently live in Italy and come to Fuerteventura as soon as we can, and I hope that soon we will be able to move to this wonderful island full of emotions.

80/5000 If you wish, take a look at some of our photos on our websites.

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