DIY & Hardware stores

DIY and hardware store in Fuerteventura. Building materials, garden items, tools for DIY, articles and paints for the home, material for waterproofing swimming pools and roofs, glassware, electrical equipment, work tools, fire protection, copies of keys, power tools and hydraulic tools.

Bricolanzarote, Puerto del Rosario

Articles and paintings for the home. We do all kinds of paintings jobs and paintwork. Waterproofing of swimming pools and roofs.


Brikogar, Villaverde

Hardware, building supplies and garden items. Garden furniture. Tools for DIY.

Cristaleria Corralejo

Cristaleria Corralejo, Corralejo

Glassware, all types of glass, customized mirrors, safety glass, shower doors, shelves. Delivery service throughout the island.

Don Brico Fuerteventura

Don Brico Fuerteventura, Puerto del Rosario

Store specializing in the sale of furnitures, furnishings and many other items made of natural wood...

El Norte Construcciones Metálicas

El Norte Construcciones Metálicas, Corralejo

Metal constructions, windows, locksmith, glassware, aluminium, inox steel.

Fenimoy Ferretería

Fenimoy Ferretería, Villaverde

Hardware and DIY, everything for constructions, carpentry, electricity, plumbing, garden, paintings, etc...

Ferreteria La Bisagra

Ferreteria La Bisagra, Corralejo

Hardware, electrical equipment, tools, appliances, fire protection, copies of keys.

Ferreteria La Hondura

Ferreteria La Hondura, Corralejo

Hardware, electrical equipment, plumbing, paint and accessories, garden, power tools, security and safety.

Ferreteria Lajares

Ferreteria Lajares, Lajares

Hardware, electrical equipment, plumbing, household and kitchenware, paints, wood, DIY tools, etc.

Ferreteria Marcial

Ferreteria Marcial, Corralejo

Hardware, DIY, paints, products for gardening, plumbing, power tools.

Ferreteria Petroleos

Ferreteria Petroleos, La Oliva

Hardware. Adjacent to the gas station of La Oliva

Ideal Brico

Ideal Brico, Corralejo

Hardware, DIY, tools, paint, garden products, electronic equipment and appliances, bathroom accessories and kitchen. Articles for the home.

Los Aljibes

Los Aljibes, El Cotillo

Hardware, DIY, fishing and camping items, decor and fine arts, paints, plumbing, electricity, construction material.


Novoher, Corralejo

Hardware, small appliances, articles for the kitchen and home, hydraulic items, electric tools, etc.

Pinturas Hermanos Paniagua Machín

Pinturas Hermanos Paniagua Machín, Corralejo

We are a company with more than 30 years of experience in the field of painting and decoration. In our shop you can find painting for all types of surfaces...


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Transports to/from Corralejo


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All ATM's in Corralejo


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