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24 September 2022

The weather in Fuerteventura and the Canary Islands


Long and sunny days characterize the Canary Islands.
Temperatures are almost always mild and without major climatic variations.

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Located in the Atlantic Ocean, off the coast of West Africa, the Canary Islands are one of the main tourist destinations of great international appeal.
They are part of Spain and therefore of the European Union, about 1,100 km from the Iberian Peninsula.
Being located in the subtropical belt, the Canary Islands are affected by the hot winds coming from the African desert, the ocean waters, on the other hand, are mitigated by the influence of the current coming from the Gulf of Mexico.

The climate is always spring for most of the year, even in winter, in fact the average daytime temperatures oscillate between 18 and 25 degrees. The percentage of humidity is very low even in summer and this is why the climate is not sultry even during the hottest season, such as in August, when the temperature can reach 40 degrees.

The climate of the individual islands is influenced and conditioned by their very composition.
Those with greater reliefs hinder the passage of winds from the north, giving rise to different climatic conditions. Cool, humid and rainy where the winds come and make their influence felt. The climate, on the other hand, is dry and sunny where they cannot reach or pass and flee without obstacles, as in Fuerteventura, which is a flat island with no great mountain peaks.
Gran Canaria and Tenerife, due to their particular morphological characteristics, each have about 100 different microclimates.

Deporte Fuerteventura Kitesurf Canarias

The Canary Islands are certainly considered a healthy climate. Since 1800, these islands have always been recommended by the luminaries of European medicine as a "miraculous" place for the treatment of certain diseases; in particular those of the pulmonary, respiratory, rheumatic and epidermal type.
The sun, always present, conditions the climate, daily life and people's way of being. It has also been shown to have multiple properties: it is a source of vitamin D, strengthens bones, improves mood, conditions sleep quality.

At the same time, however, it is good to take precautions during exposure to the sun. Always wear the right protection for your skin type, renew it every 2 hours and put it back on when you get out of the water.
And it is advisable not to expose yourself to the sun during peak hours, between 12 and 16.
To spend several hours on the beach, it is better not to forget the umbrella, there are few equipped beaches and it is better to bring it.

Thanks to the always mild climate, at any time of the year, when you go on vacation you just need to pack only light clothes, summer shoes, something heavier for the night and for height, a scarf, a hat and of course a swimsuit and sunglasses.
The island is suitable for numerous sporting activities and excursions, so it is always good to bring the right clothing with you.

In Fuerteventura there are days of strong wind so it is a very popular island for windsurfers and kitesurfers.

Deporte Fuerteventura Kitesurf Canarias

Sometimes, however, an African wind called Calima arrives which brings sand dust and forms a bell on the yellowish island, causing temperatures to rise.
When the wind exceeds certain levels, the government of the Canary Islands issues weather warnings and many activities are blocked for safety reasons. Hay fuertes vientos que pueden, a veces, superar los 70 kilómetros hora.
Even when tropical cyclones arrive from the Atlantic, which usually bring heavy rain, the weather alert is issued and it is better to stay at home or in shelter.
Heavy rain and strong winds are usually reasons for weather warnings in the Canary Islands.
But these are rare and infrequent events, the rest of the days of the year the weather is pleasant and sunny.
“The best climate in the world”


by: Angela Pasquali

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