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01 August 2022

My horizon in Fuerteventura


La Pared playa Fuerteventura, Canary islands, Erasmus


Young people who come from Germany to have a work trip in Fuerteventura, a Canary island, a very different life and landscape but an experience that makes you richer inside...


Erasmus Fuerteventura Germany

Spain was a country I loved very much. My theoretical language skills were good, but rather rusty from failing to practice in everyday life. I thought that a three-week internship abroad could be useful for me. And so I decided and filled out my written request with the aim of going to Fuerteventura which I did not know.

Arrived by plane, first disappointment: sand, rocks, heat and little green. "Did I land in the desert?" Maybe I should have inquired to find out more about the country, culture and nature beforehand. Fuerteventura is a volcanic island and therefore offers little green nature. Every now and then you come across a palm tree and many cacti. But despite this, I made friends with the country pretty quickly.

I'm Caroline, I'm 22 and I'm from the German North Sea coast, Cuxhaven. I was allowed to do my internship with Chantal Montaldo. Together with two other girls we took care of the generation of the contents of different accounts on Instagram and updated and checked an overview table for the information page of Fuerteventura. Chantal taught us a lot and brought us closer to the culture of the island. She is also a dance teacher and there we were also allowed to take part in her classes and then generate content for her on the subject of dance.
So I can say that the work has been a lot of fun and has integrated my activities in my main occupation a lot.
My English and Spanish skills improved, I took up the new challenge, I wanted to practice languages ​​and I succeeded.
But that's not all I've learned.
I was able to learn a lot about life in Fuerteventura and on the island itself. I managed to get rid of my initially skeptical gaze and I was able to see the different facets (the rain was not really one of them).

I am happy that I did the three-week Erasmus internship, it "broadened my horizons" and strengthened me in the field of self-employment. Thanks to Chantal and the other people who made this internship possible for us, for the simple organization of the “Bildung im Ausland” in Germany and Fuerteventura.

I can only advise everyone to broaden their horizons.


Erasmus Dunas Fuerteventura Canary islands


I'm Vanessa, 24 years old. Due to my further training as a European entrepreneur, I had to do a three-week internship somewhere around Europe. This is why I chose Fuerteventura.

The choice was easy, because I knew I wanted to go to Spain. I've always been interested in language and culture. And since my hometown is directly on the coast of Germany, I wanted to try to have water around me, which brought me to this beautiful island.

Fuerteventura and especially Corralejo is a beautiful place. You can find various types of people and cultures. And if you leave the city center you can find a different nature, from the one I am used to and surrounded by normally, but wonderful.

The work experience was also great. It's nice to see how people work in different parts of the world. Thanks to Chantal and Angela for letting us be part of the team for three weeks.
I would recommend this experience to everyone. Not only will you have fun with great people in a different environment, you will also become more independent and confident.


Erasmus Pop Corn Beach Corralejo Fuerteventura Canary islands


Erasmus Fuerteventura Germany

The time has finally come: after more than 2 years in Corona, we could finally complete our Erasmus internship. A completely different life has been waiting for us for 3 weeks. I'm Biljana and came together other girls from northern Germany and we have explored Corralejo.

Normally, the three of us work in the office from 8:00 to 17:00. During our training, we were offered an additional qualification as an international entrepreneur and the qualification included a 3 week stay abroad.

It was immediately clear to us: we wanted to sunbathe with as much sea as possible, so Fuerteventura was perfect.

We arrived in early July and enjoyed 3 weeks of good weather.
We were very lucky because we had the same employer.
We quickly learned that the world of work here is more flexible and relaxed than in Germany. Instead of starting at 8am, our work started at 5pm.
Not sitting in the office was also very pleasant. Many thanks for the experience to Chantal and Angela.

In our free time we explored Corralejo. We went to the dunes, on jet skis and to Lobos. We also hired a car for a day and went to the natural pools of Aguas Verdes and the caves of Ajui. The landscape was impressive.

Erasmus was a great experience for us, just to leave the normal daily grind from Germany behind.
At home, I will approach my work differently.

Erasmus Ajui Pajara Fuerteventura Canary islands


by: Angela Pasquali
In collaboration with Chantal Montaldo and the Erasmus girls: Vanessa, Biljana, Caroline
photos by: Vanessa, Biljana, Caroline

Erasmus Fuerteventura Canary Islands

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