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05 October 2022

More fashion on the island with Fuerteventura Fashion Week 2022


The second edition of Fuerteventura Fashion Week took place successfully, an important event that has kept the island of Fuerteventura on the international fashion map.

On September 30th and October 1st 2022, the Training and Congress Palace in Puerto del Rosario hosted the event that tried, once again, to show the infinite possibilities that Fuerteventura offers:
"to be a world stage of beauty for large companies".



Thanks to E&WFuerteventura, an important local company organizing the event, Fuerteventura Fashion Week is managing to put Fuerteventura as a destination of the fashion industry and is transforming the island into a real catwalk, taking advantage of its scenic beauty and the local professionals available to Maxorata.

E & WFuerteventura has always emphasized that "the goal is to make Fuerteventura the destination chosen by designers to create and develop their new collections ".

Fuerteventura Fashion Week 2022 saw the participation of inter-island stylists, fashion and television celebrities, national and international influencers and all are contributing to making Fuerteventura Fashion Week more and more known, through the most popular networks. different to many international users.

“The goal of this event is to give visibility to Canari designers and continue to position Fuerteventura as an important reference point in the fashion sector

. Sanja Design fuerteventura fashion week 2022
Participating designers

Here are the designers and brands that participated in Fuerteventura Fashion Week 2022:

The company "Cebra Culture" took part again this year in this production of talents. The brand has begun its journey in Fuerteventura since 2016. Seeks to empower a romantic, feminine and charismatic woman.

"Maison Yolé" , on the other hand, returns to this event after presenting his creations in "AltaRoma" and collaborating with several fashion houses in Paris. His shows have been held in cities such as New York and San Francisco. In addition, various magazines such as Vogue or Cosmopolitan have shaped their works.

"Mónica Llop" showed at Fuerteventura Fashion Week. This jewelry designer has participated in major catwalks such as New York Fashion Week, Cibeles in Madrid and 080 from Barcelona. With her own brand "TANEMMERK" she has positioned herself in the best possible way in Spain, Italy, Paris and even the Arab Emirates.

"Siris Sánchez" Mexican designer, she worked mainly on what is missing most in fashion, not all women's bodies are the same and it is often difficult to satisfy each one to find the ideal swimsuit . She creates beautiful swimwear to exceed your best expectations.

"Sanja Veličković" , Slovenian designer, comes from catwalks like New York, Paris, Milan, Aktau in Kazakhstan, Malta Fashion week, events that saw Sanja's designs on the runway. In 2016 she presented her Frida Kahlo collection at Serbia Fashion Week with great success. Sanja has always wanted to be different, unique, she is.

"Chacha-Chacho" , the designer captures what she lived and dreamed, her collections are everyday items. Highlighting in their color, comfort, freshness, originality, exclusivity ... She uses materials such as cotton, linen, silk, viscose, neoprene, lycra, wool among others.

"SophiWear" She worked in haute couture fashion, but her concern has always been to bring herself when she creates in the laboratory. Her designs provide different creations, transporting us to those old sewing workshops but adapting them to the 21st century.

"Beatriz Hernández" , designer from the Canary Islands, a life dedicated to the world of fashion. Embellishments, is the word that she defines this Canarian designer, the decorative elements added to the garments such as beads, rhinestones, painted fabrics and Canarian tracery make their designs unique.

"Rosa Armas" , with her casual clothing collections, has already participated in several catwalks and events with a great welcome. She always stops at her continuous line to grow and create magnificent collections to delight us with good taste in her choices.


Fuerteventura Fashion Week  Puerto del Rosario Fuerteventura


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