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08 September 2021

A life experience in Fuerteventura


Fuerteventura has long been hosting young students, just graduates, who want to develop and share knowledge and experiences in companies and organizations on the island and come on an Erasmus trip.

Isla de Lobos, Corralejo, Fuerteventura

They are usually 18 to 20-year-olds, have just finished their first schooling and are deciding their future.

At that age it is often difficult to have clear ideas and complicated to know immediately what to do and which direction to take. There are doubts, indecisions, a desire to understand better, and for this reason an experience like Erasmus can sometimes become a life experience.

Before deciding whether to participate, some have a bit of uncertainty, they need to stay away from home for two or three months and often for the first time. You don't know who and what you will find. But then there are those who jump in and decide to throw themselves into this experience. They are young people with a great desire to do and to know, they have fresh and innovative ideas, they bring added value to the company that hosts them.

But what is it like doing Erasmus in Fuerteventura?

They comment on it themselves, the guys who participated.

"Why did they choose to do Erasmus? Why did they choose Fuerteventura? How did they live this experience? Did it live up to their expectations?
Let's find out!


erasmus fuerteventura corralejo info business isole canarie "Mine was a last minute choice, one of my teachers recommended it to me just before the exam. I decided to participate to challenge myself. I still don't know myself well as a person, and I wanted to get out of my comfort zone to better understand how I could survive outside my country. It was my first trip outside of Italy. I was afraid but at the same time I wanted to understand how I would behave, how I would live with people I did not know, how I would feel in this situation and I would say that I found myself quite well. Live with other guys in the same situation as you and even if everyone has the character of him, we share the same goal of thinking about their Erasmus.
Before coming here I had never heard of Fuerteventura, a friend recommended it to me, telling me that it was part of the Canary archipelago. I live in Naples, but I had never stayed on an island, despite being close to Ischia and Capri. I was curious to understand what life was like in a small place, where everyone knows each other. I am used to the "nightlife" of my city, where there is always movement and there is never silence, so I wanted to discover a different life. I was also interested in new landscapes, having a passion for photography, I wanted to take some different shots than usual. I don't regret the choice I made because I got to know many beautiful people, who were also good to me. It also helped me a lot at work level, it was my first experience, and I was afraid it could go wrong, but in reality it helps you, and you learn how to behave with the employer. Until you try to have a new experience, you cannot understand.
I recommend it for anyone who wants to try to change their lives, even if only for two months. Coming to Fuerteventura you are at peace, people are less stressed, and they put passion into what they do. You see less nervousness around, and you feel good about yourself. "
(Giovanni, 18 years old)


erasmus fuerteventura corralejo info business isole canarie I chose to do Erasmus more as a personal experience than a work experience. I decided it last because it was not initially part of my plans. In reality, it was very constructive both professionally and socially because it changed me anyway, in the sense that I became freer.
It is a step that I would recommend to other guys because it changes your life.
Fuerteventura is a beautiful island, I have not been able to visit it all, it seems small, but it has so many places to discover, and I feel lucky to have come here.
I was away from my family for two months, with whom I have a wonderful relationship, but it wasn't difficult, I managed to get along well.
For families, it is sometimes an economic sacrifice because in any case they have to bring out some money, travel and accommodation are paid for by Erasmus and in addition they give you a weekly pocket money to do the shopping, but it is not much and in the two months you live here you also have other expenses to deal with, even because here in Fuerteventura there are many excursions, sports and things to do and in your free time, it is worth taking advantage of them if you can. It is not my first professional experience, I have already worked as an entertainer, but it helped me to understand how well the world of work works.
(Carmine, 18 years old)


erasmus fuerteventura corralejo info business isole canarie I had three reasons that led me to choose this experience.
First of all I wanted to learn Spanish which is a language I really like.
Then I wanted to visit the island, Fuerteventura is really beautiful and there are many things to do, I knew it and it intrigued me.
And then improve at work and this I was able to do thanks to the local company that offered me this opportunity, a company that deals with electrical systems.
All the staff were very nice and they all made themselves available to teach me. At first they spoke to me with gestures and then slowly I learned the terms and I improved my Spanish.
This experience went better than I expected.
I was calm because I am used to traveling, both for vacation but also because I practice Judo at a professional level and I compete all over Europe.
I recommend everyone to try this experience, not to miss this opportunity, it is the right age to do it, it helps you a lot to improve a foreign language and also to enter the world of work.
(Cristian, 18 Years old)


erasmus fuerteventura corralejo info business isole canarie I love to travel, and this passion led me to try an Erasmus experience.
Initially I had chosen Bilbao because, when they showed me the photos, Fuerteventura seemed to me just an island with sea and nothing more. The idea of going as a destination to the Canary Islands, however, made me happy and so in the end I came, and I must say that I liked it, "I found something else besides the desert!"
I wanted to go back to Spain because the people are very welcoming, and I must say that in Fuerteventura they are much more so and especially in Corralejo where I lived. I had a great time. I was lucky enough to make some interesting excursions, with the company that welcomed me, so that I could also see other parts of the island. Unfortunately, I was unable to visit Lanzarote.
At a working level it has served me a lot even if it was not the precise sector that I love because I am specializing in that of fashion. However, it was an interesting and partly creative experience where I always tried to give my best in what I did. I worked while having fun, but at the same time I learned a lot of things. I had already had two Erasmus experiences abroad, in Malta and in Barcelona, but studying, This was the first in the world of work and also the longest. And in any case, I advise all the boys to try this experience.
(Mattia, 19 years old)


erasmus fuerteventura corralejo info business isole canarie Initially I was a bit undecided because I had never been away from home for so long. The thought of being almost two months away from my parents and the comforts of my home made me a little scared. Also because Fuerteventura is not around the corner from home but are four thousand kilometers away. So it was a bit like going on an adventure and having to go it alone for the first time, basically growing up suddenly.
Due to the covid situation last year we were all locked up at home, and therefore I did not experience the age of majority as I would have imagined, I wanted a change of life, from being cared for and pampered to actually becoming independent. With this trip this thing came to fruition and now the possibility of going to university outside my Calabria region no longer scares me. It helped me to test myself. I would recommend everyone both to go to Fuerteventura and to do an Erasmus experience to experience this feeling I had of personal growth.
I was lucky enough to find a cohesive group of roommates my age.
They are all guys who are experiencing the same situation for the first time, so everyone adapts and lends each other a hand. It was an exchange of knowledge and therefore an enrichment. At a working level it was an adventure within an adventure, I started with a type of job and then halfway through I had the opportunity to change and get closer to a sector more suited to what I would like to do. It also gave me the opportunity to meet new people and to compare myself.
I recommend participating in an Erasmus trip because it is an experience that enriches you on a personal level.
(Ilenia, 19 years old)


erasmus fuerteventura corralejo info business isole canarie I wanted to have this experience in Fuerteventura because I wanted to try to immerse myself in the world of work for the first time.
I have a degree in computer science but with this experience I wanted to try to do something different, not in the field of programming but in social media.
I was lucky enough to find a serious and established company in the advertising sector in Fuerteventura and especially in Corralejo that gave me this opportunity.
I recommend everyone to try Erasmus both for professional growth but also because you know many people and learn the local language, in this case Spanish.
It is a useful experience for the present but also for the future because it goes into the Curriculum and I recommend it to everyone because it is nice to try to live alone abroad and have to get by.
(Pasquale, 19 years old)


erasmus fuerteventura corralejo info business isole canarie I chose to have this experience in Fuerteventura for various reasons.
I wanted to get to know new places, get out of Italy and go to a foreign country, to meet new people. I like languages and that's why I wanted to learn Spanish and improve with English.
It didn't go exactly as I thought it would. I made new friends and met a lot of people but I didn't manage to learn Spanish well. Maybe because I was followed by Italian people who owned the company that hosted me. Instead I had the opportunity to practice a lot with English.
However it is a beautiful life experience that I would recommend to other kids my age.
Few leave for Erasmus because students think it is difficult. Maybe during the presentation they give you before leaving, they transmit a little anxiety but when you live it it is another thing and it is also a fun experience.
(Riccardo, 18 years old)


Do you want to have an Erasmus experience in Fuerteventura?

Now know the opinions of guys like you who have already done it and it seems to me that in general they are positive and whatever the reason that will push you to try you will surely find something more.


erasmus fuerteventura corralejo info business isole canarie

by Angela Pasquali

collaborators Chantal Montaldo, Ilenia Salerno

& the participation of all Erasmus students

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