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09 June 2022

Entering the working world: an adventure


There is a moment in life when, perhaps for the first time, boys have to make their first important decision...

They just graduated but they don't have clear ideas about their future: study or work?

There is a very interesting experience that many of them decide to face and that often helps them make a decision: an Erasmus trip.

It is a way of approaching the world of work but it is also a life experience that in a short time opens the minds of young people, inspiring them about their future.


There are several questions we asked the guys who just finished this experience, such as:
Why did you decide to enter the Erasmus program?
Why have you decided on Fuerteventura?
What expectations did you have?
Were they confirmed or did you get surprises?
Would you repeat? Why yes or no?
What is your greatest learning?
What would you say to someone who wants to do the same experience?

Let's see what they think directly with their comments:

 esperiencia erasmus fuerteventura

Hi, my name is Serafim, I'm Portuguese and I've embarked on this adventure because I've always enjoyed learning about other cultures, other languages, languages ​​and other ways of seeing things.
I arrived in Fuerteventura almost by parachute, the initial idea was not to come to this island but as there are no alternatives, I threw myself on this destination.
However, my expectations were good as I had seen some photos and comments on the island.
In fact, I was pleasantly surprised as I didn't expect to find what I actually found.
I met interesting people, I learned a new language, I had an incredible boss who helped me to face the world of work and thanks to all this I would certainly repeat the experience.
The biggest lesson I have received from this Erasmus is that "life is beautiful and that if we feel good where we are, we will come back for sure".
I highly recommend anyone who has the opportunity to do this Erasmus program to embark on this adventure. Thanks Fuerteventura for this experience.




 esperiencia erasmus fuerteventura

Hi, my name is Ricardo and I'm from Portugal.
First of all I want to thank the Esprodouro school for this great opportunity they have given me, I am happy to have accepted to try to take this path.

It was a great experience for me, I met wonderful people, without a doubt it was the best internship I've ever done.
Before leaving it seemed like a long journey but then unfortunately there was not much time to enjoy this beautiful place, but I will never forget every moment I spent here.
I must say that the trip obviously exceeded my expectations. I recommend everyone to take a business trip with Erasmus to live a unique experience.
I thank everyone who has been by my side in this phase of my growth and I already know that I will miss this period very much.




 esperiencia erasmus fuerteventura

¡Hola, soy Marta! Tengo 19 años y soy portuguesa.
Decidí embarcarme en esta aventura para enriquecerme internamente, necesitaba entender algunas cosas sobre mí.
Estoy muy agradecida de haber hecho este viaje, he aprendido mucho en este tiempo bien aprovechado, a pesar de las dificultades iniciales.
Para mí fue realmente una experiencia de crecimiento porque pude superar algunos de mis límites, enfrenté miedos, viví por primera vez con otras personas, hice cosas diferentes a mis hábitos, comí cosas diferentes y nuevas, vivía en un lugar diferente a mi ciudad y empecé para la primera vez a entrar en el mundo del trabajo.
En resumen, ¡salí de mi zona de confort!

Por ser el comienzo de "una nueva vida real" en el mundo de los emprendimientos, ¡no podría haber sido mejor!
Estoy muy agradecida por todo lo que Fuerteventura me ha enseñado, ¡volveré a Portugal mucho más rica!


It seems that the opinions of the guys who have lived this experience are very positive and therefore all that remains is to try to live this adventure to enter the new world, that of work and who knows after deciding to continue their studies to specialize in precisely what understand that you like best

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 experence erasmus fuerteventura

by Angela Pasquali

collaborator Chantal Montaldo

and the participation of the Erasmus students

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