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16 July 2022

Discover 3 corners in Fuerteventura that you will want to see in person


Beach Fuerteventura ocean desert

There are many corners in Fuerteventura that have a special charm. Beautiful wild beaches, volcanic landscapes and a warm and pleasant temperature every day of the year.

That is why, if you have never visited this beautiful island located in the Canary Islands, today I want to show you the 3 most charming corners in Fuerteventura that you can come and visit on your next vacation to this island with a tropical climate.

Laura Llorente copywriter: "I still don't know these corners in Fuerteventura"

Yes, it's true, I haven't had the chance to visit this beautiful island yet and just like you, I've been searching the Internet for information about the most charming corners of Fuerteventura to be able to show them to you.


Get to know the most wonderful corners in Fuerteventura to go to

Lobos Oceano Fuerteventura Canary island

The island of Fuerteventura has an extension of about 100 km from north to south and in all its inland areas and towns you will find a multitude of towns, coves and places to visit.
Today I want you to discover 3 special places on the north coast of the island.


1# Lobos Island

Lobos Ocean Fuerteventura Lanzarote Canary islands

The island or islet of Lobos, is located northeast of the island of Fuerteventura and is, without a doubt, a charming place to go.

As you can imagine, its access is only possible by boat (or boat taxi) and its tour of the island is no more than 4 hours. The visit to the island of Lobos is unique if you are looking to disconnect and spend a day surrounded by nature in a virgin state.

Crystal clear water coves, a walk through a small volcanic island and being able to enjoy a delicious meal with potatoes and mojo included in the only restaurant you will find on the entire islet.


2# Popcorn Beach

Beach Palomitas Pop Corn Corralejo Fuerteventura

This original beach is also located in the north of the island, more specifically between the towns of Corralejo and Majanicho. This unusual beach is located in a totally natural and semi-wild area.

What is original about this beach is that, instead of finding fine sand, its deposits are made up of calcareous remains of red algae (rhodoliths). Locals have always called this original beach Cotufas beach.

If you decide to visit this beautiful and original beach, enjoy its surroundings and its unique calcareous remains and avoid the temptation to take a souvenir home with you. It is important to take care of these unique places on the island.


#3 Dunes of Corralejo

Dune Corralejo Fuerteventura Ocean Canary Islands

Corralejo is a beautiful fishing town that is also located in the northeast of the island, just in front of the island of Lobos, where the beaches are ideal for practicing water sports and enjoying the spectacular Natural Park of the Dunes of Corralejo riding a buggy.

If you are going to visit Fuerteventura with children, in Corralejo you will find a fantastic water park where you can spend a fun day with your family. It is the Acua Water Park.

And in the late afternoon, what better plan than to take a walk through its beautiful streets of the town center to meet its people and enjoy its delicious cuisine typical of the area.

Would you like to know more corners of Fuerteventura?

Today I have shown you 3 corners in Fuerteventura with great charm, but the truth is that there are many more on this island.

If you want to know more wonderful places and organize a vacation on this beautiful semi-wild island. Eat in the best restaurants and have a guide on hand where you can consult everything you need during your trip. I encourage you to visit the portal of Corralejo.info

There you will meet artisans, workers and businessmen from the area who will help you discover all the essence of the island of Fuerteventura.

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And get to know the island of Fuerteventura and its most wonderful landscapes first-hand thanks to the blog articles and the experiences of its followers.


And for all those locals who are reading me I would like to introduce myself. My name is Laura Llorente and I am a copywriter specialized in photographers (although with a good investigation, no profession can resist me).

I am a digital copywriter and I help professionals to improve the texts of their web pages and write articles for their blogs that show the essence of their work and help them stand out from the rest of their peers.

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Dune Corralejo Fuerteventura Ocean Canary Islands

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