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04 September 2022

Beware the stars


Working for years in the world of advertising, marketing and the web I know the importance of feedback.
But what does feedback mean?
It consists of expressing an opinion , demonstrating a point of view or even analyzing something. Feedback is used, for example, to evaluate a person, company, product or service.

Any business, today, needs to have a digital presence to make itself known to the general public and the user who surfs the internet has the opportunity to leave comments and reviews of the activities he knows.


recensioni a 5 stelle


Having 5 Star reviews for a business is a reward because it means that it is doing its job in the best possible way.
It is always good to accompany the qualification of the stars with a comment and explain the reasons for underlining the merits and why you like that activity.
When giving 5 stars, in theory, you can also omit the comment because the reader thinks they liked everything about that place or service.

Very important is when you want to give fewer stars.
When qualifying an activity with 4 or fewer stars you should always explain why .
This motivation, if constructive, helps the company understand where it can improve .
Reviews are for everyone, for activities to correct themselves and for users who go on the internet to choose.
When surfers find something they like, they immediately see other users' comments.

I often see reviews that are left to other activities, to which I follow social networks and google, the advice is to always reply.
Even when the comment is not quite what a local was hoping for, it is always best to respond for good or for bad and apologize if the service has not been excellent.
There are constructive and correctly motivated reviews that help the company understand where it went wrong by giving it the opportunity to make any improvements.

One thing to absolutely not do is to leave a star on an activity without giving explanations.
These reviews are of no use except to displease those who receive them.
Another user can't understand why and the shop in question can't do anything, not even defend itself because you don't know what happened.


seo e recensioni a 5 stelle


What some people don't know is that reviews from customers also help to improve SEO, i.e. the position of web pages in the results organic (not sponsored) in search engines .
The ranking, that is the position in the ranking of search engines like Google, for an activity, in the digital world , is very important and a user who for fun or ignorance puts a low qualification without motivation can really hurt someone who is working hard.

So the advice is: if you want to reward an activity that is close to your heart, put 5 stars , but before putting a lower qualification "think about it". Is it really necessary? Did something serious happen? Have you had any problems with the managers?
Have you tried talking directly to them before?
And above all, always explain why ....

by: Angela Pasquali
(when the stars inspire)

seo e recensioni a 5 stelle

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